Occupational Health Link (OHL) is owned and directed by some of Ohio’s leading Occupational Health Providers including hospitals and physicians. “Provider owned,” means we are not a Third Party Administrator (TPA) or Insurance Company. We are the people who take care of your employees when they are injured and our goal is to provide the quality and affordable care your injured worker needs.


OHL is dedicated on continually raising our standards, our turn around time, and our quality of service to provide you with a Managed Care Organization that truly cares. Now is a great time as an employer to join a company that will partner with you to meet all your workman’s compensation needs.

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Injured Worker

As an Injured Worker weaving through the Workers’ Compensation field can be a daunting and frightening experience, but as a Managed Care Organization (MCO) who is owned and run by a team of providers, our main focus is to provide quality and affordable health options. Our main goal is to help you return back to work, fully functional.

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Medical providers rendering services in Ohio must be BWC-certified to participate in the Health Partnership Program (HPP). Certification is based on licensing, certification and accreditation requirements necessary to provide services.

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OHL is owned and directed by some of Ohio’s leading Occupation Health Providers. We are the people who take care of you when you are injured and our goal is to provide the quality and affordable care your injured worker needs.

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Managed Care in Ohio

Ohio’s Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) revolves around four entities, the BWC, the injured worker, the Employer and their Managed Care Organization (MCO). A Managed Care Organization in the Workers Comp field manages the care and cost associated with claims that have to be approved by the BWC.

Ohio Law allows Employees to select providers for medical coverage, or utilize a MCO to deliver the quality care that their injured worker deserves. MCO’s assist in providing quality care and their focus is to help bring that injured worker back to health and return them to work as quickly and safely as possible while reducing costs.

MCO’s utilize a network of providers to provide care. They use techniques to help ensure the quality of service provided, which include: formal utilization reviews, quality improvement programs, and using the provider networks to reduce costs, negotiate a more reasonable fees and creating financial incentives for providers to practice more efficiently. There are an array of Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s) that provide services to Employers in Ohio. They range from large, to mid-sized, to small companys that can provide a focus on a set of services and will always have their pros and cons. Yearly reports come from the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) to make sure employers are always informed in regards to the standing of each of MCO in Ohio. This is called the BWC’s MCO Report Card, and it gives an overview of each MCO and how they all compare.

BWC’s MCO report card
The factors that go into the report card are: the number of Employers/Companies serviced by the MCO, the amount of new claims the MCO receives, their turn around time to submit the new claim to the BWC, and their average Return to Work, MoD, date for the injured worker.