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CMS’ June 8, 2010 Memo
Revises Rated Age “Certification Statement”
For Medicare Set-Aside Proposals

CMS has released a new policy memo dated June 8, 2010 which makes substantial changes to the rated age certification statement required to be included in workers compensation Medicare Set Aside submissions to CMS. The June Memo revises the lifetime attestation requirement regarding rated ages as contained in CMS May 14, 2010 and replaces it with what can be viewed as a more reasonable and practical standard.

Drug-Free Safety program (DFSP) information

Notice: New Drug-Fee Safety program replace Drug-Free Workplace Program, efective July 1, 2010

Navigating claims

How to utilize a good workers compensation Managed Care Organization (MCO)

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Getting back to work

How separating your MCO from your TPA can improve return-to-work rates

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