Occupational Health Link is committed to serving the needs of injured workers with timely, compassionate care and a safe return to work.
We are committed to serve the needs of injured workers with an effective, individualized program that enables a return to health and productivity in a timely manner.


Doctors decide appropriate care. Many Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) manage care by having a case manager who has never seen the patient over-ride decisions made by the better-trained, more experienced as treating physician. Occupational Health Link believes no one wants this type of decision-making. We wouldn’t want it for our families or ourselves. As a result, Occupational Health Link will only deny care if the patient has been issued a second opinion by a qualified physician.

Doctors and nurses are not paid to deny care. Occupational Health Link believes this presents a conflict of interest that doesn’t benefit anyone except the MCO. We oppose incentives of this sort and do not use them.


OHL is owned and directed by some of Ohio’s leading Occupation Health Providers. We are the people who take care of you when you are injured and our goal is to provide the quality and affordable care your injured worker needs.

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Medical providers rendering services in Ohio must be BWC-certified to participate in the Health Partnership Program (HPP). Certification is based on licensing, certification and accreditation requirements necessary to provide services.

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Occupational Health Link is directed by many leading experts in occupational medicine in Ohio and the nation. These are the “specialists” in the treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses.

Please see the below steps on what to do if you have a Work-Related Injury.


Immediately notify your Supervisor or Human Resource Department if an injury occurs. If needed, this individual will guide you to the appropriate medical care facility in your community and provide you with an Occupational Health Link Identification (ID) Card.


Seek first aid or medical care from the nearest occupational health clinic Preferred providers (Search Occupational Health List) or a BWC Certified provider (Search BWC Directory). Be sure to show your Occupational Health Link ID Card.


Occupational Health Link must be notified of your injury by you, your Supervisor or the Human Resource department within 24 hours at 1-888-844-0039. Ask for the First Report of Injury/Intake Department (FROI).


You may be required to complete an incident report, if that is your company policy, and to provide a description of how your injury occured.


If additional or ongoing medical services are recommended after your initial treatment, Occupational Health Link should be notified. Be sure to show your Occupational Health Link ID Card to every doctor or medical provider that treats you.


A Case Manager will assist you with the coordination of these services and ultimately, a safe and timely return-to-work.