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Tuesday, April 5, 2011 8:22 AM COLUMBUS, Ohio — A southern Ohio clinic is no longer allowed to dispense pain killers after a ruling by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

The board said that there were no signs that Lucasville Medical Specialists was an actual medical practice, reported ONN’s Denise Alex. An investigator with the pharmacy board said dangerous drugs like Oxycodone and Xanax were sold for double to triple the price of a legitimate pharmacy, like CVS or Walgreen’s. Investigator Kevin Kinneer testified before board members Monday afternoon about the oddities and concerns he observed. “Vehicles that were out in the parking lot on that particular day (May 2010) had various tags, out of state tags, West Virginia, Kentucky as well as Ohio,” said Kinneer. Kinneer said that one employee, Randy Callihan, is a convicted drug dealer. He also testified that Dr. Christopher Stegawski, from Westlake in northeast Ohio, would see patients for $200 cash a visit. Buying the drugs was a cash only transaction as well. “It provides similar, if not the exact same prescriptions to each and every patient coming through the door,” said Assistant Attoney General Tracy Greuel. Greuel also said in one month, Lucasville Medical Specialists in Scioto County made $91,000. The Executive Director of the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy said the office is cracking down on “pill mills.” “This is the third in recent history the board has considered and denied,” said Executive Director Bill Winsley. Lucasville Medical Specialists opened in 2010 and the phone has been disconnected. Watch ONN and refresh for the latest. ©2011 by ONN. All rights reserved